Commission Prices


Flat Shape BGs

Basic Flat Shape

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Abstract BGs



Complex BGs



How to Order

To order either DM me or send an email to [email protected]. The title should be something along the lines of "Commission".Remember to include:
- References for the character(s) (visual refs highly preferred over written);
- Specifics regarding commission type (lines/flats/full, half/full bodies);
- Whether you want a background (and what type) or not;
- Any other specifics you may have (deadlines, specific poses, etc).
A username I can find you by so I can tag you appropriately once/if the image is posted on my social media is not required on the commission order (if you sent an email), but may eventually be requested.

Terms of Service


All international payments will be handled through paypal invoices.
For residents in Portugal MBWay is also available (and preferred).
At least 50% of the payment must be made before any work is done. Payment will be, by default, upfront - to split the price half-half, it must be stated beforehand.Final files will not be delivered until full payment is made.


Refunds are not available unless the artist decides they cannot fulfil the commission and no work has been done.


If you need to cancel a commission, you may do so. If no work has been done, a full refund can be issued. If work has been done, at least 50% of the payment will be kept.


The client is allowed up to 3 changes during the making of the commission. After that, additional edits and changes will be paid for.You will be shown the WIP process at the end of each stage (sketch, lines, flats). The next stage won’t be started until the current one gets approval from the client.


Standard shipping is included with every traditional piece without added fees. If you wish to get tracked shipping, an additional 2€ (EU) / 4€ (international) will be added to the final price.If you do not wish to have the piece shipped to you simply do not provide an address.Disclaimer: Once the piece has been shipped, unless you've requested tracking, it is out of my hands and I cannot do anything if it gets lost or damaged.


The artist withholds the copyright to all images produced. The client does not gain copyright through purchasing of the commission. The client may repost the image to social media accounts with credit to the artist.


The client may not use any commission purchased for reproduction or merchandise unless discussed with the artist beforehand. Any and all reproduction or reselling of the work will be reported and will have legal action taken against if needed.


The artist reserves the right to refuse any idea or request. For an estimated list of what is acceptable, please ask the artist.

**Terms of Service are subject to change.